APA Style Introduction Last updated: 06-29-2020

APA Style is set of guidelines and provides a foundation for effective scholarly communication for preparation of manuscripts for publication as well as student papers because it helps writers present their ideas in a clear, precise, organized and inclusive manner. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is the authoritative resource for APA style.

The uniformity and consistency allows readers to

  • Focus on the ideas being presented
  • Scan work quickly for key points

APA Formatting & Style Guide - This section details formatting and organizing structure for most of the research papers. If you are planning to publish the research, Please follow JARS in APA 7th edition.

Citations -Provides the format to credit every work’s used in the paper in the context with its contribution in the research paper. The in-text citation is used throughout the body of the text.

Reference List & Examples - The reference list is added at the end of the paper and provides the learner a roadmap to revisit all the citations and works attributed to their creators. The examples are focused on the specific element of each reference entry.

Research Papers & Samples - This part explains the different types of research papers and CMU’s policy regarding the percent weightage and the required words for each part of the paper.


CMU encourages students to follow APA 7th ed. Style.

The students are advised to follow student paper guidelines for writing papers and thesis